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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Ethics should be compulsory, Religion/s optional

In an interview with Rachel Attard (The Malta Independent), I argued that Ethics should be a compulsory subject in Maltese schools and that students should also have the option to choose religion, provided that what is taught is approved by the Education Division.  

During the interview we also discussed the Maltese Catholic church, Islam and culture.

The interview may be seen here.

In the meantime, I have been informed that at the moment Ethics in being provided in 12 Primary Schools and 14 Middle/Secondary Schools.  One of the reasons that Ethics is not yet widely available is that teachers need to have a Post-Graduate Certificate in the teaching of Ethics in order to be able to teach the subject. A third course is currently underway, in fact. It is envisaged that more schools will offer Ethics as from the next scholastic year.

Earlier this week I also published an article in the Times of Malta about Islam in Maltese schools. The article may be accessed here.

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