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Friday, April 28, 2017

Country before Party - AD should join the coalition

At 1.30pm today, a delegation representing Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party will be meeting a delegation representing the Nationalist Party. The possibility of broadening the national rainbow pre-electoral coalition, Forza Nazzjonali, will be discussed. 

I reiterate my strong belief that AD should join the coalition, for two main reasons. 

First, this will help create a national democratic force to defeat the Labour Party in the upcoming general elections. Labour has been hijacked by the Panama Papers gang, and corruption is overdetermining its style of governance. Malta is facing a political and constitutional crisis, and trust in institutions such as the Police is being eroded. 

Second, as things stand, this is the only way how third party candidates can have a real chance of being elected in parliament. Given that candidates from different parties will be on the same list, the 'wasted vote' preoccupation of many voters will be defeated, and votes for separate parties will not be split to Labour's advantage. This is because votes given to candidates from different parties but on the same party list will be counted together as one group.

If AD does not join the coalition it risks fading into irrelevance. 

I assume that the Greens will be offered a similar type of offer that was agreed upon by the Nationalist and Democratic Parties. This comprises the following:

1. The parties will be contesting the next election under the PN’s name and banner, with PD candidates to have Tal-Orangjo added after their name. Candidates fall under the respective parties' responsibilities.

2. The parties will be working together to present one electoral programme and that, if elected, will take decisions and give appointments in the best interests  of the country and without partisan considerations.

3. The parties will have one single manifesto, based on the principles of good governance, social justice, a sustainable economy, safeguarding of the environment and constitutional reform.

I think that this agreement represents a sensible, realistic, proportionate and genuine compromise.

I am writing as a former Chairperson of the Greens, a Green local councillor since 2003 and as a proponent of the rainbow coalition for the past two years. But above all, I am writing as someone who believes that country comes before party.  

I also confirm that I will not be contesting the general elections, but I will do my best to assist a coalition victory for Malta's greater good. 

Country before party. 

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