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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

#Ħsibijiet (82): L-immigrant li tħalla fuq il-bankina

Jekk l-allegazzjoni li ħaddiem tħalla fuq il-bankina minflok ma ttieħed l-isptar hija vera, din iġġib magħha uġiegħ kbir tal-qalb.

Fl-istess ħin, ma naqbilx ma' dawk li qed jgħidu 'Malta spiċċat' u affarijiet simili. 

Il-ħaddiem, ta' 32 sena u mill-Ghana, sab l-għajnuna u s-solidarjeta', u l-pulizija qed tieħu azzjoni. 

Fis-soċjeta' issib minn kollox, mir-razziżmu sas-solidarjeta', u ejja ma' nilludux ruħna li hemm xi soċjeta' (hemm fuq) iktar 'pura' minn tagħna.

Aħna lkoll nagħmlu parti mis-soċjeta' Maltija, u lkoll nistgħu nagħmlu l-parti tagħna għal soċjeta' aħjar. Min fis-silenzju u min le.  

Solidarjeta' mal-ħaddiem, u solidarjeta' ma kull min hu vittma ta' inġustizzja.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Confirmed as board member of RN25 Social Movements within the European Sociological Association

I am pleased to announce that during the 15th conference of the European Sociological Association, I was confirmed as Board Member of Research Network 25 - Social MovementsThis research network aims to advance sociological and interdisciplinary research of contentious politics, protest and social movements.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Publication of paper: Mitigating seasonality patterns in an archipelago: the role of ecotourism

"Mitigating seasonality patterns in an archipelago: the role of ecotourism" co-authored by Karl Agius and myself, has been published in peer-reviewed scholarly journal Maritime Studies (Springer).

Citation: Agius, K., Briguglio, M. Mitigating seasonality patterns in an archipelago: the role of ecotourism. Maritime Studies (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40152-021-00238-x


Due to their insularity and small economies, several islands have become reliant on tourism activity for the livelihood of their communities. Islands of the same archipelago have faced various challenges in terms of tourism growth and related impact. Primarily, tourism has been characterised by seasonality (the strong spatio-temporal concentration of tourists in a destination) especially in the most peripheral islands. In other cases, tourism has grown considerably resulting in overemphasis on mass tourism throughout part of the year. This is largely experienced due to Sand, Sun and Sea (3S) tourism. Fieldwork, including interviews with key stakeholders and ecotours off-season, was conducted in the Aegadian Archipelago, off the west coast of Sicily. Findings revealed that ecotourism not only is the preferred alternative form of tourism among stakeholders but is also possible and ideal as confirmed through the ecotours. This is because different ecotourism activities can be practised all year round, thus mitigating seasonality. In return, this can help ease the financial, social and environmental challenges associated with current tourism models improving the well-being of local communities. Marine ecotourism is considered as a means to give more value to marine protected areas and to make existing tourism activity in the peak season more sustainable.

Link: Mitigating seasonality patterns in an archipelago: the role of ecotourism | SpringerLink

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Malta protests to be discussed at SISP Conference on Political Science

My latest sociological research on protests in Malta in the Covid era will be presented in the upcoming political science conference organized by the Societa' Italiana Di Scienza Politica, which will be held online between 9 - 11 September. The research will form part of the panel on political participation, discourses and identities. 

Further information: English Guide for Participants – SISP