Monday, August 01, 2022

Live at the Farsons Beer Festival

This Wednesday 3 August I will be playing live at the Farsons Beer Festival with my brothers in Fire, namely Kenneth Calleja (Vocals), Robert Longo (Guitar), Pexja (Guitar) and Gino Micallef (Bass). This will be  my first ever live performance with Fire. I joined the band during the final months of 2019, and then the pandemic hit us. 

The last time I played drums in concert was precisely three years ago, when the latest edition of the Farsons Beer Festival took place. I played with Dripht, in what ended up being my last performance with the band after leaving it later on during the year, after almost two decades. I salute my brothers in Dripht and other former band Filletti & Friends. Cheers goes to my brothers in Norm Rejection, which is approaching its 30th year of existence...

Hope to see you on Wednesday. Fire will be playing at 11pm on the Alternative Stage. Viper Soup Complex and Mirage will playing before us on the same stage. 

Let's Rock! 

A word of thanks

I am no longer involved in politics or activism, as I had decided to prioritise sociology and drums in my public life. Perhaps this allows me to look at politics and civil society in a more objective and measured way. In both pursuits I met all sorts of people in a 25-year journey, from those whose friendship is not seasonal to those whose dagger is ready to stab you if it suits their agenda, no matter how 'holy' or 'just'. 

Robert Arrigo and David Agius, who relinquished their respective political posts as Deputy Leaders, are gentlemen in my books. They are common mortals with no pretensions, and above all they encourage and recognise the work of colleagues. Respect to both and to others who practice this ethic.