Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Publication of Paper: The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta

My paper "The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta" has been published in the international peer-reviewed academic journal 'Annuals of Marine Sociology'.

The paper can be read at:

Briguglio, Michael (2013): The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta. Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej. Annuals of Marine Sociology (2013), VOL. XXII. p51-61.

This paper analyzes the politics of bluefin tuna in Malta within the first years of EU accession (2004-9). The paper concludes that despite making certain impacts, ENGOs (environmental non-governmental organizations) were unsuccessful in creating a hegemonic formation to stop the fishing of bluefin tuna until stocks recover.

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