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Monday, October 21, 2019

My sociological publications

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Monday, October 14, 2019


Various critics tried to decimate Joker as being flat, shallow, and unfit. Well, I wanted to judge for myself. The technical dimension - direction, acting, etc - is simply brilliant.

Yes the film is disturbing, but to me it mirrors sociological, psychological and cultural narratives which are prevalent in our times. From social isolation to crisis masculinity; From family life to bureaucracy; From unrest to violence; From mental health to showbiz; From triggers of deviance to crowd dynamics; From inequality to protest; To the creation and presentation of the self through one's encounters in personal assemblages within society.

So many readings can be given to this film, including whether it can be simulacra in itself. The bottom-line is that it offered (disturbing) entertainment.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Why should Malta care about climate change? A reply - Michael Briguglio

In response to my recent article on Malta's climate policy that was published in The Malta Independent, facebook commentator David Cilia Vincenti said that "nothing Malta does or doesn't do will make any difference to climate change". 

While Mr Cilia Vincenti has a point on Malta's emissions in absolute terms, I beg to differ from a policy perspective. Reasons for this include:

 1. As a small island state Malta may suffer disproportionate impacts of climate change.

 2. As a small island state which uniquely happens to be an EU member, Malta has a window of opportunity and the duty to speak up on the climate change question. To do this we need to match rhetoric with action. We cannot expect ambitious EU climate policy if we do not do our part. 

3. Adopting a green new deal can in itself be an opportunity for Malta in terms of sustainable policy making. 

In the meantime the following news links may be useful:

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Is Malta taking climate policy seriously? Michael Briguglio

In this article for the Malta Independent I look into Malta's performance and challenges in climate policy.

You can read the article here:

Helena Dalli’s approval

Helena Dalli's post of European Commissioner for Equality is significant in various aspects. She is the first Maltese woman to be nominated for such a post, her background is in sociology, and she was the Minister responsible for Malta's shift from European laggard to world leader in LGBTIQ legislation. Hence, Dalli represents a shift from various identities that have traditionally been dominant in Maltese politics.

I believe that the European Commission needs to be closer to the peoples of Europe. It also should take a bolder approach through soft power in challenges such as climate change, migration solidarity and global inequality. I for one believe in a social and ecological Europe through a #GreenNewDeal.