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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sunday, April 25, 2021

#Ħsibijiet (80) Vaccination and Cross-Party Consensus

I believe that one reason why Malta's Covid-19 vaccination drive is so successful is because there is cross-party consensus on this, putting country before party. Thumbs up to both Chris Fearne and Stephen Spiteri, and to non-parliamentary forces for acting responsibly on this. Some so called 'advanced societies' are miles away from this feat, with anti-vaxx sentiment gaining ground.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

WIPSS Seminar - Protests in the year of Covid - The case of Malta - Michael Briguglio


WIPSS - Convened by Peter Mayo, Michael Briguglio, Francois Zammit

Protests in the year of Covid– The case of Malta

Speaker: Dr Michael Briguglio

Monday 10 May 18:30

Zoom link: https://universityofmalta.zoom.us/j/94384248891

Facebook event page: (10) Protests in the Year of Covid, The Case of Malta | Facebook

This research presents and discusses physical protests that took place in Malta during 2020 – the year of Covid19 - and which gained media coverage in Malta’s main independent newspapers.

The paper will analyse the issues, organisations, coalitions, venues and type of protests in question. This will provide comparative analysis during the year, which in turn can be compared to upcoming research of protests in subsequent years.

The study will look at the groups and organisations that make up the collective actions in question; the events that form the action repertoire; and the ideas that guide the protests.

In turn, the study will look into the networks and the broader context in which movements are protesting, which in this case concerns the specific characteristics of movement and political activism in Malta as a small EU member state.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

Call for papers: Civil Society and Social Movements in Small States

A scholarly book on Civil Society and Social Movements in Small States is being proposed for publication by Routledge. 

In this regard, authors wishing to be considered to author a chapter of this book may wish to send an abstract to michael.briguglio@um.edu.mt 

The coverage of the chapter can be just one small state or a group of small states at the regional or global level. The chapter should be about 6500 words long (including references and appendices), and is to be submitted by the end of this year. Please feel free to share this post to other persons who might be interested in submitting a chapter of the book.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

#Sociology of #SocialMovements, #CivilSociety, #Politics in #Malta

#Sociology of #SocialMovements, #CivilSociety, #Politics in #Malta is a repository of online links to sociological and other scholarly studies, as well as significant news concerning social movements, civil society and politics in Malta. The page is curated by Dr Michael Briguglio, Sociologist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta. This page welcomes material and links for publication, and will be regularly updated.

You can access the page through this link:

                                                    Photo: The Malta Independent

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Free Speech, Fake Speech - Michael Briguglio

My op-ed article in today's Malta Independent discusses challenges related to free speech and fake speech in democratic societies. You can read the article here:

Free speech, fake speech - The Malta Independent