Sunday, September 08, 2013

6 months of Labour

The most striking thing is that the Labour Government is coming to terms with the fact that it has promised everything to everyone. In politics such an approach is not sustainable in the long-term.

So far, the new administration has not scored high on immigration, the environment – where I fear that developers will have a field day – and the fiscal policy since it is still forging ahead with plans inherited from the previous government to lower taxes for high earners.

In addition, the concept of meritocracy is not being practised as the top posts are not going to those better qualified.

On the other hand, I rate Education Minister Evarist Bartolo as better than his predecessor as he is more committed to consult, even on small issues such as school uniforms.

I also have a high opinion of the manner in which Helena Dalli is conducting consultation with the social partners.

Regarding foreign policy, I was satisfied by the Government’s stance against military intervention in Syria.

(these were my comments to the Sunday Times, 8th September 2013. Full Sunday Times article, by Keith Micallef, can be read at