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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Open letter to Arnold Cassola

In reply to Arnold's request to Daphne Caruana Galizia to give evidence on the Egrant scandal to the enquiry demanded by Joseph Muscat - the same enquiry that was called for too late in the day due to Police inaction and suspicious movements from Pilatus Bank.

Dear Arnold,

With all due respect: sorry you are wrong. The enquiry being carried out is a farce. 

Judging by his comment on your wall, even Carmel Cacopardo agrees that Daphne is right. She is doing her job as a journalist. 

AD should join tomorrow's demonstration and put country before party. 

Malta is facing an institutional crisis. And AD is heading towards irrelevance by sitting on the fence. We Greens should know better than constructing partisan walls.

Arnold, you mention egos on your wall. This is not about egos - let us leave that to the psychologists. This is about a gang which is usurping Malta's institutions. 

Given that Labour will not remove the gang which has taken over, the people in the streets can do this through peaceful protest. 

Will you attend tomorrow's protest? I will. As a Green.

Respectfully yours,


p.s. As you know, last year proof on Panama Papers was published online by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. It is available here. This should have been enough to have a national coalition against the gang.

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Paul said...

So we should believe all said without giving evidence? What will happen if the so called coalition wins and things remain the same as they are will you the first person talk then? Or you will shut your mouth because you are happy with the so called coalition?