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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Objection to DB overdevelopment in Pembroke

I have just sent this objection to the Planning Authority regarding the updated plans by DB group for its City Centre project (Info:


Subject: PA/03807/17

Attn Planning Authority

I am hereby objecting to DB Group's project on the ex-ITS site (PA 3807/17).

I endorse the objections being made by NGOs and Local Councils regarding violations of planning policies.

I am also hereby appealing to the Planning Authority to employ a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) process, which is in accordance with international standards for example those set by the International Association for Impact Assessment, which is accessible from this link:

In this regard, please refer to my correspondence dated 31 May 2019 to the PA regarding SIAs. To date, I have not been informed of any policy update in this regard.

A copy of my correspondence can be obtained from this link: 

Dr Michael Briguglio

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Anonymous said...

This will ruin the area completely.