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Friday, June 12, 2020

Magħtab development proposal requires studies before consideration

I have just sent this objection to the Planning Authority regarding PA 3012/20 - The outline application for the construction of a Waste to Energy Plant at Maghtab. (Info: )


With reference to the above, I am hereby appealing to the Planning Authority to employ a Strategic Environment Assessment, an Environment Impact Assessment/Statement and a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) process.  As regards the latter , please note that this goes beyond a one-off survey. You may wish to refer to my correspondence dated 31 May 2019 to the PA regarding SIAs. A copy of my correspondence can be obtained from this link: 

The Planning Authority should ensure that these assessments/studies should also look into alternatives. This should be done before processing the application in question.

You too can write to the Planning Authority - deadline today - send your email to and refer to PA 3012/20. You can also send your objection from this link:

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