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Sunday, March 26, 2017

For a coalition, one should be proactive

The Green Coalition debate needs to go beyond comfy yet detached bubbles and nag-nag-nagging on others.

Instead, one can think in terms of bridges, windows of opportunity and how a small party in Malta can make it to parliament. To date, realistic alternative proposals have not been presented against the proposed investigation of a pre-electoral coalition.

The (unintended) consequence of accomodating oneself in a trench could well be the perpetuation of the duopolistic status quo.

I am for a proactive exploration of a rainbow coalition because I believe that we can have a more diverse parliament.

This won't be achieved through grumbling but through real political work and negotiations: the norm of European politics.

Greens were/are partners in many national,regional and local Governments and had good impacts: Sweden is currently a case in point. There are so many other examples.

Shall we keep Malta out of this mindset?

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