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Friday, July 12, 2013

Immigration: Muscat should abandon far right fantasy

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was reported by Malta Today as saying that the anti-migrants protest planned by neo-nazis and neo-fascists should not take place.

I'm sorry to say that it was the Prime Minister himself who acted as an incentive for such a protest through his populist pushback discourse which is reminiscent of far right ideology.

In my blog on the subject last week, I had warned that the Prime Minister's statements can have this effect.

In my blog I also invited MEP candidates to refuse to participate in such populist electioneering, now that we are approaching the European elections. In this respect it seems that Maltese civil society is standing up to be counted, with an increasing number of NGOs, academics, official state bodies and others who are opposing the Government's position.

I salute those within the Labour Party who are standing up to be counted in opposing the pushback policy, and I urge Muscat to abandon the fantasies he is articulating. Courage and humility can save the day, in the name of social justice.

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