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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Academics for migrants' rights

I hereby am adding my name to the list of University of Malta academics who are standing up to be counted on the immigration issue. I had already written about the subject in my blog and in Malta Today last Friday.

The academics' statement reads as follows:

“As academics we try to impart to the future professionals of this country a minimum of basic dignity and respect, both towards others and towards self. We could not stand by and watch whilst our country sent Somali migrants who braved possible death in a hazardous journey, to seek safety, to seek a life, back to Libya. We therefore support the NGOs who campaigned for these migrants not to be sent back.”

Academics supporting this statement are: Marceline Naudi, Anna Borg, Claudia Psaila, Ruth Baldacchinio, Robert Micallef, Edward Warrington, Isabelle Calleja Ragonesi, Sandra Vella, Dione Mifsud, Paul Clough, Brenda Murphy, Prof. Angela Abela, Mary-Ann Borg Cunen, Prof. Ronald Sultana, Prof. Peter Mayo, Prof. Carmel Vassallo, Josann Cutajar, Maria Psiani, Anna Khakee, Carmen Sammut, Adrian Grima, Nathalie Kenely, Joanne Cassar and Michael Briguglio.

In short, the anti-deportation and anti-pushback side is the side for social justice. I am proud to be on this side.

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