Sociologist, Local Councillor, Politician from Malta
MEP Candidate - Partit Nazzjonalista (EPP).

Monday, October 23, 2017

My Activism

I have been active in civil society since 1994.

I was active in succesful campaigns such as Stipends, Front Kontra l-Golf Kors, EU membership and Divorce. I also co-organized the Save Zonqor protest and co-organized yeterday's #gustizzja protest and the civil society #panamapapers protest last year.

When I led (2009-13) and was active in AD (1998-2017) I campaigned in civil society, too.

I joined PN as I believed in Simon Busuttil's coalition for good governance which AD did not support.
As a civil society activist and local councillor (since 2003) I was always ready to work with others who believe in the cause, whatever their background. And I will keep doing the same.

No troll, apparatchik, cynic, armchair critic or sectarian will shut me up.

My loyalty is to truth and change for the better. And no, I have no interest in leadership or other positions.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Michael. It is so, so easy to be an armchair critic. We have so many of them. We have so many friends who just keep silent when it is important to speak up. I guest it is much more comfortable to criticize. Yes, good old Freud had a wonderful adjective for these people. Mary Anne Lauri

Antoine Vella said...

Michael, all your life you have always been consistent and proactive in your struggle for justice and the common good. You are still young and have a future in politics - hopefully your commitment will increase further. Malta needs honest politicians like you, always on the front line and never afraid to speak up.

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael i hope u can help me but not only for me. ..for all society. Thank