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Monday, June 05, 2017

Malta Election 2017 - The Bottom Line

The bottom line: Labour achieved an exceptional result, the Nationalist Party achieved a terrible result. 

The electorate kept them practically in same place as in 2013, i.e. a historic gap between them. Labour won 170,976 votes (55.06%). The Nationalist Party's 'Forza Nazzjonali' won 135,696 votes (43.68%). In 2013 Labour obtained 54.83%, whilst the Nationalist Party obtained 43.34%. The difference is so big that further comments on the two parties are futile at this stage. 

The Democratic Party ('orange' candidates within PN list) is now Malta's third party and the first one to be in parliament since 1962, after Marlene Farrugia was elected in the 10th district through the Forza Nazzjonali pre-electoral coalition. Her votes and those of Godfrey Farrugia stand out within PD, with 1016, 821, 494, 1080 first preference votes in the respective 10th, 5th, 6th and 7th districts. In all the party won 4,826 first preference votes, or 1.53%. 

Alternattiva Demokratika received less than 1% for the 2nd time in its history (0.83% : 2003 was the other instance, when it received 0.7%), In 2013 AD won 5,506 first preference votes. This time around the amount decreased to 2,564.

The Patriots won 1,117 first preference votes (0.36%).

This is the basic starting point of any analysis. Numbers don't lie. Context cannot be ignored. And our context is Maltese society. 

I will be giving my interpretation of the 2017 election in my Times of Malta opinion piece next Monday, and in further writings in due course.

In the meantime, taking a step back to reflect is imperative. This requires taking responsibility for one's actions, humility and a healthy dose of introspection and self-critique by all players and analysts.

Official electoral result updates can be found here.

Times of Malta live election blog can be found here.

My initial reaction to Times of Malta on electoral result can be found here


no one said...

"The Democratic Party ('orange' candidates within PN list) is now Malta's third party."

We'll see about that. I doubt those two would have got so many votes had they not been running under PN banner. We'll see if they ever manage to accumulate any votes on their own steam.

Anonymous said...

Although the coalition proves that small parties may get elected it does not help the larger parties get more votes. Thus the PN should learn the lesson, the votes the PN got from PD supporters will cross against the votes PD did not get because she joined PN.

Michael Briguglio said...

Fair comments. In the mentime, I think it is more than obvious that a good number of resignations should be in place in both PN and AD. Their respective results deserve no further comments. Numbers don't lie. But it is also a time for sober reflection and humility from politicians and analysts of different stripes and colours, myself included. This requires taking responsibility for one's actions and not blaming others. On a personal note, I am satisfied that we now know that a small party in a coalition has a real chance of being elected in Malta's electoral system. I also want to emphasize that I have no aspirations for any post in any party.

Sisyphus said...

You seem to be very sad about the PN performance but this sadness seems to be balanced by the joy that you have inflicted damage on your original party. Fat lot of good your insistence would have done to AD had it followed your advice and join the so called coalition. You say that Marlene and Godfrey obtianed those votes because they joined this 'assimilation'; you think everybody has forotten that they were two elected persons in the 2013 election. Who do you think you are fooling this time. Your long campaign has only served one purpose, to harm AD. And one is still wondering why.

Michael Briguglio said...

Sisyphus, you are obviously sad but want to reflect this on others. I am not sad at all. Disapointed yes, but not sad. It is so obvious where your post is coming from that I don't even need to continue this debate.

Sisyphus said...

Having read your hollow answer nor do I.