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Thursday, May 11, 2017

My final post on AD's role in the 2017 general election

Today's Malta Independent reports that Arnold Cassola said that AD members should follow the decisions of the executive. 

Fair enough, though I do not consider this to be an end in itself when essential principles are involved. And Greens tend to prize open dialogue. 

For example ex-French Green leader Danny Cohn Bendit publicly supported Macron and not the Socialists (who were supported by the Greens) in the recent French presidential election. 

When I appeal to AD to join the coalition I am also reflecting the opinion of a number of members, ex-members, ex-candidates and green sympathisers who are constantly communicating with me about their preoccupation with #Malta's current situation. 

In any case, I recently offered my resignation as AD member. 

This will be my final post on AD and the elections. I respect their decision not to join the coalition but I disagree with it. 

I reiterate that the only possible way to remove the Panamagang from power is through #ForzaNazzjonali. And the latter is also proposing some great progressive policies. My only interest in the whole matter is to live in a normal European country.


Icare said...

Prosit Dr Briguglio. Wise decision. Malta needs many citizens like you with sound principles such as yours. You have my admiration and also that of many others who hold the same principles and who now stand up to be counted. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Dr Briguglio.

AD should be working together with everyone else. It would be tragic if it ended up the cause of Forza Nazzjonali losing by a small margin. The Greens would have enabled their antithesis to govern -- and ruin -- this country for another five years.