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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why I support the petition for assisted death in Malta

The wife of a man suffering from ALS, a degenerative disease that leads those affected by it to become paralysed, yesterday launched a petition calling on Maltese members of parliament to adopt legislation on assisted death.

Marlene Magro said she was launching the petition on behalf of her husband Joe, when made his case for the introduction of euthanasia to Parliament's Family Affairs committee some days ago.

“Joe always insists with us that should this law not be introduced before he ends up in such a terrible state he will have no choice but to commit suicide…With the introduction of a law on assisted death, Joe will be able to live peacefully for a while longer,” she said.

My view on this matter is that rights, responsibilities and ethics are equivalent for the person's wellbeing. 

I am against an industry of death but I am for a person's dignity and care. I empathize with persons in this situation and agree with the proposal, as long as the person's will is always respected. 

Parliament should discuss in a sober manner. Evidence-based policy making requires proper research, proper consultation, proper dialogue between different views and sensible compromise where possible. 

Dialogic democracy should neither ignore nor trivialize such issues for reasons such as partisan convenience.

The petition can be signed here:

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lina caruana said...

Living as we do today our lifestyle has rendered devoted care and attention by close relatives almost an impossibility. To the knowledge of the person who needs the attention. Does it justify curtailing the course of life ? Or should we search for alternative means not to make beggars out of people at the end of their life? We do not know what awaits us. What is sure that every stage of life is meaningful to us and to people around us. It is not easy to look after close relatives dying of cancer . I have assisted three because I had the example of my elders looking after their bedridden mother at an early age. What I can say is that were it not for these circumstances I would have missed much of life for these experiences are full of intense meanings in the way we make our world or verstehen.