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Sunday, March 06, 2016

‪#‎Panamagate‬ ‪#‎Malta‬ - What next?

Many opinions are being put forward on the ‪#‎Panamagate‬ ‪issue. 

Apart from the cynical opinions of assorted apologists of the Oligarchy, other opinions include cleaning up the Labour Party from the inside, doing one's utmost to remove Labour from power, having a strong third party, carrying out binding electoral reform, approving legislation on politicians' standards, and strengthening an extraparliamentary civil society. 

One opinion does not necessarily exclude the other. All opinions have their supporters and their opponents, who, in turn reflect in relation to their own situational backgrounds and beliefs. I prefer looking at such situations through a pluralistic perspective rather than through a reductionist binary, holier-than-thou narcisssim, or destructive ultra-partisanship.  

In such contexts, correct answers are not ready-made through some magic formula. Proper questions have to be asked. And when one asks questions, one should be ready to take risks and avoid dogmatic stalemates. 

Yes, as a starting point on the ‪#‎Panamagate‬ crisis, I believe that all persons of goodwill should support binding legislation on good governance. All political parties should walk the talk. And Mizzi and Schembri must go.

p.s. My appeal to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat: Prime Minister, it's better late than never, though much damage has already been done. Be a man, take your political responsibilities. Mizzi and Schembri must go.

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