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Friday, March 11, 2016

#‎Panamagate‬ ‪#‎Malta‬ - Appeal for dismissal, call for publication of contracts

Civil society activists insist on the immediate dismissal of Energy and Health Minister Konrad Mizzi and PM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri in view of their financial investments in blacklisted country Panama, as this raises very serious doubts on government public contracts. Any suggestion that an investigation by the Maltese tax commissioner is the solution is a complete smokescreen given that Malta and Panama have no agreements regulating the matter.

We are now calling for the immediate publication of all contracts signed with Electrogas and other similar players since Muscat's government took office.

Michael Briguglio, Monique Agius, Erica Schembri, James Debono, Andre' Callus, Antoine Cassar, Joe Pace, Andrei Vella Laurenti, Charlot Cassar, Albert Gatt, Patrick Galea, Martin Caruana, Paul Portelli, Ramon Mizzi, Jennifer Agius, Andre Schembri, Jon Mallia, Martin Abela, Edward Mallia, Salvu Mallia, Shaun Grech, Mark Anthony Sammut, Annalisa Schembri, Elton Borg, Joe Azzopardi, Angele Deguara, Alfred Mangion, Anthony T Mamo, Daniel Desira, Jurgen Balzan, Alan Portelli, Valerie Visanich, Joseph Muscat, Alex Vella, Mark Busuttil, Joseph P. Bonello, Joseph Pace Axiak; Joseph Gauci, Reuben Zammit, Paul Radmilli, Martin Galea De Giovanni, Adrian Mizzi, Robert Louis Fenech, Daniel Grech, Luke Scicluna

NOTE: The list is frequently updated with new signatories. 
If you want to be a signatory please send an email to with 'Signature' in subject and your name in text

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Anonymous said...

At last! Good on you. There was never going to be any transparency and now we know why.

anonymous1 said...

He should resign , the damage is being done to this country is going to be felt in the near future especially in the financial services.