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Sunday, February 28, 2016

#‎Panamagate‬ ‪#‎Malta‬ - Appeal by Civil Society activists regarding financial investments of Maltese MPs

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to make a clear commitment to the principles he campaigned for before the last election – transparency and accountability – by unequivocally condemning the fact that a member of his cabinet and his chief of staff have chosen to make financial investments in countries blacklisted by the EU or under circumstances that preclude total disclosure of assets.
Given the very nature of these financial arrangements and these black-listed jurisdictions, it is simply absurd for the Prime Minister to state, ex-post and after these revelations were made in the media, that he sees nothing wrong as long as his Ministers declare the existence of these financial arrangements. With regard to Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM Chief of Staff Keith Scembri it is imperative that any vehicles involving financial investments in Panama – or other blacklisted offshore tax havens – must be immediately dismantled and any assets already held there, if any, must be repatriated. We call for Minister Mizzi and Chief of Staff Schembri to shoulder political responsibility for their actions and to resign immediately.
Furthermore, we call for a clear commitment to full transparency and disclosure from all Members of Parliament and party officials, in that they must come clean by declaring, by means of a sworn affidavit, all investments in all overseas jurisdictions.
Finally, we stand four-square behind the independent media in its endeavour to cast light on this scandal while deploring attempts by other sections of the press to play down the gravity of this scenario.


Michael Briguglio, David Friggieri, Ingram Bondin, James Debono, Raphael Vassallo, Monique Agius, Mario Vella, Jurgen Balzan, Andrei Vella Laurenti, Matthew Agius, James Spiteri, David Magro, Julian Zammit, Edmond Fenech, Nicholas Mamo, Salvu Mallia, Patrick Galea, Elton Borg, Paul Portelli, Martin Abela, Erica Schembri, Isabelle Camilleri, Reuben Zammit, Giljan Agius, Antoine Cassar, Shaun Grech, Ramon Mizzi, Clive Scerri, Alex Vella Gera, Cedric Vella, Charlot Cassar, Steve Bonello, Angele Deguara, Edward Mallia, Andre' Callus, Valerie Visanic, Martin Caruana, Gail Debono, Marie Lucia Briguglio, Martin Galea DeGiovanni, Michael Grech, Andre Schembri, Mark Sciberras, Daniel Muscat, Matthew Seychell, Oliver Degabriele, Jean Zammit, Jean Paul Galea, Alba Cauchi, Marc' Andrea Cassar, Pascal Aloisio, Maria Muscat, Joe Pace, Mary Grace Vella, Paul Galea, Karina Fiorini, Conrad Chircop, Annalisa Schembri, John Paul Cauchi, Colette Sciberras, Daniel Desira, Mark Anthony Sammut, Albert Gatt, Malcolm Vella, James Vella Clark, Jenny Agius, Alex Vella, Paul Radmilli, Martin Attard, Bertu Piscopo, Marco Cremona, Jon Mallia, Chris Mizzi

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