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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ghaxaq ODZ: Front writes to PM, Archbishop, MEPA Chairman and Dominican Provincial

To the Prime Minister, Archbishop, Dominican Provincial and MEPA Chairman,

Dear Sirs,

Front Harsien ODZ, a citizens' movement with environmental aims is very preoccupied with the possibility of having St Albert's College being developed on ODZ land, despite the fact that such development falls within the local plan.

Front Harsien ODZ notes that the current premises of St Albert's College is inadequate and that an alternative site must be found to cater for its educational services.

We therefore propose that the Applicants of the proposed development withdraw the pending application at Ghaxaq and that concurrently, the Government of Malta and MEPA commit to identify alternative sites for the College. Such sites should not be on ODZ land but can include, among others, brownfield sites, sites previously used by the Government for purposes such as schooling, and other Government-owned land.

We believe that through goodwill, trust and mutual respect, a win-win solution can be found as regards the proposed development.

We trust in your good faith to resolve the matter and thus close this controversy once and for all, to everyone's benefit.

Signed By:
Monique Agius,
Dr Michael Briguglio,
James Debono,
Dr Shaun Grech.
f/ Front Harsien ODZ

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Rj Pisani said...

Spot on, leave some place to breathe. The church must have many empty large institutions which may be converted.