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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Norm Rejection and Dripht to play at Rock the South

Norm Rejection and Dripht will play at Rock the South, at Zion, St Thomas Bay, M'Scala on Sunday 12th April.

Dripht will be playing at 6.30pm, Norm Rejection will be playing at 8.25pm

Merchandise of both bands will be available for sale at the Festival - Dripht CD Pacifista; Norm Rejection CDs (The Radical Underground; Belligerent; 0002/Deconform) and T-Shirts (Radical Underground and Logo T-Shirt)

Facebook page and Website of Rock the South (9-12 April):

Dripht's latest single 'Green Dub':

Norm Rejection's latest single 'The Radical Underground':

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