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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EP Elections beyond slogans

Issues which are currently dominating the EP campaign in Malta, and the way they are being articulated by various candidates and parties, have little to do with the decision-making competence of the European Parliament.

Such issues include the Government's performance (whether good or bad); hunting of birds; immigration; development of land, abortion, and others.

To give some examples which confirm this: Why is there a campaign for a national referendum on hunting? To abrogate Maltese legislation. Why is it that Muscat needs to convince the Council of Ministers, and not the European Parliament, on responsibility sharing in the immigration issue? Why is it that environmentalists are fighting their battles against overdevelopment at MEPA level?

To the contrary, the European Parliament can play an important role in issues such as those related to the EU budget, climate change and the general economic thrust of EU policy.

The EU is at the crossroads as a global bloc in times of economic, environmental and social crises.

Do we want a Europe of more austerity, which is increasing economic and social inequalities? Or do we want to turn the table towards a more social Europe? The European Parliament does have power in this respect.

In short, amid the waving of flags and sharing of facebook memes, there is a huge discursive void in Malta's EP electoral campaign.

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