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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Forget-me-not, performed at the MITP Theatre in Valletta, was a pleasure to watch.

The play revolves around the theme of memory and how some things can never be rubbed away. Above all, it is presented through excellent acting and production. I was particularly impressed with the plurality of visual representations, including live actors, filmed footage, and voice-overs.

In my reading, the play represents the perspective that the human mind is not a machine which simply performs pragmatically beyond context and situation. To the contrary, one's thoughts are subject to different overdetermining factors and fragmentation. In this sense, 'memory' can form part of the present, a powerful inspiration in one's everyday life.

This play can be seen as being truer than the one-dimensional projection of 'cereal packet' life, of performativity, where one is assumed to adapt to the present, efficient yet flat, beyond memory.

Exorcism and haunting are antagonizing forces. Yet, can there be immanent ruptures? Can one move beyond memory? Maybe this would be an interesting concept for a future play...

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