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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Norm Rejection heading towards the Radical Underground

Recording of Norm Rejection's forthcoming album 'The Radical Underground' is underway, with drums recorded this week and other instruments and vocals in progress. 'The Radical Underground' will be released in 2014 to celebrate Norm Rejection's 20th year of existence.

The album comprises 8 new original numbers, namely; The Just; Existentialiate; Jesus Meets Mao; Celebration of the Snake; Living Not Dead; Peltier; Taghna Lkoll and Il-Vo(j)t.

Norm Rejection is: Michael Briguglio (Drums); Sean Vukovic (Guitar); Wil Pace (Vocals); Rex Grech Santucci (Bass).

In the meantime, Norm Rejection will be playing at Notte Bianca on Saturday 5th October. More details at

Check out more on Norm Rejection at

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