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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Armchair anti-immigration

It is easy to be anti-immigration from the comfort of one's armchair. A society is as just as the way it treats the dispossessed.

On the immigration issue, reactionary nationalistic and xenophobic discourse obscures the class struggle and the universal call for emancipation, through the hegemonic ideological state apparatus.

Here one is speaking about the same State which goes populist on anti-immigration rhetoric but allows the crass exploitation of workers in many sectors of the economy, sectors which are funded by unsustainable consumption. Solidarity amongst workers is not in the interest of those who thrive out of precariousness, and it does not score political points for those addicted to the tyranny of populist pragmatism. Malta is a case in point.

In an EU context, beyond the rhetoric of commissioners and the actions of national governments, lies the fortress Europe approach and the neo-colonial exploitation of of the global South, which supplies the raw materials and the assembly lines of our times. This structural reality cannot be ignored.

But the EU itself is a condensation of struggles. Hence, the duty of those calling for universal emancipation and social justice to keep the flame alive. Let us refuse and resist the tyranny of pragmatic populism.

History is an open book.

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