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Monday, April 01, 2013

To AD executive and activists

The following was communicated to the executive and activists of AD a couple of days ago. I thank those who sent me warm messages of understanding. This decision was not easy to take.

I am hereby announcing that I will not be recontesting the post of Chairperson, Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party in the upcoming general meeting. I will remain AD local councillor in Sliema.

The are absolutely no political or career motives or aspirations for my decision. If life is a question of "to have or to be", as Erich Fromm once put it, I wish to opt for the latter.

After almost 4 years in this post, where I gave my utmost for the party after being asked by leading members to become chairperson and consequently being unanimously approved by members, I now long for peace and quiet, for more time with my loved ones, and to further develop my music and my sociological studies.

I am proud to have reached the goals that I set when I became chairperson in 2009, and I am proud of our historic result in the 2013 general election, AD's best ever.

AD is now in a much better situation than it was then, when AD was in near existential crisis and had a lack of active members.

Since then, AD once again started re-electing councillors, obtained its best general election result ever, and was instrumental in the divorce referendum. AD produced the most progressive Maltese party manifesto ever, did away with its financial debts, and experienced an influx of activists and spokespersons.

I thank all those who played their part in this big step forward. Without such a team, comprising both volunteers on stage and others behind the scene, such progress would have been impossible.

I believe this is the best, if not only, time when I can step down. This gives time for AD to organize itself in time for the upcoming European elections, where I believe that the Green Party can make history yet again, this time by having someone elected.

Indeed, I believe this should also be the time when AD regenerates itself, given that there is a full year without elections.

In the meantime, as I said above, I will remain AD Sliema councillor, something which I love doing, out of loyalty to my constituents, who have elected me for the 4th time in 10 years.

I thank you all for these past 4 years, and I kindly ask you to respect my decision. I feel priviledged to have chaired such a team of persons who selflessly dedicated themselves for the green cause, so I can only show respect and gratitude for all this.

AD has a historic general election result to build upon. AD is now fully equipped to seek representation at national and European levels. What better time than now to see an AD regeneration!

In solidarity,

Michael Briguglio

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Anonymous said...

It's a pity that you should find yourself in this situation. You showed clarity of thought and the desire for progressive government - elements largely absent from all other political communication. And you did all this at what was undoubtedly a significant personal sacrifice in terms of family time, work commitments and probably band practice, too! Without your drive and dedication I fear that we will revert to the undisputed duopoly that had plagued our tiny nation for too long. I sincerely hope that the time will come when your political career will be rekindled and will do my bit once again to help contribute to what will hopefully be a more successful outcome.