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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher has passed away. I am no supporter of her New Right ideology, comprising neo-liberal economic and social policies and conservative values, but I'm not one to feast on the passing away of someone else.

I think the question one should ask at this point in time is whether Thatcher's legacy lives on.

In various aspects, my reply would be in the affirmative, especially when it comes to her neo-liberal economics.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, privatisation of essential public services, and regressive austerity measures are the order of the day in many societies.

Political discourse which exorcises terms such as 'social rights', 'class' and 'social justice' is a political discourse within the neo-liberal way of things. In my reading, neo-liberalism results in greater inequalities and should be opposed.

And those who propagate 'politics without adversaries' want to make us believe that there is no alternative to the dominant ideologies currently in place.

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