Sociologist from Malta

Thursday, March 07, 2013

It is a pleasure chairing Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party in this electoral campaign. Our campaign is based on three years of hard work to have a comprehensive manifesto, of many meetings with civil society, and of doing our utmost to make our voice heard in public. AD’s candidates are showing that politics can be based on clear policies and principles, rather than gimmicks, supermarket politics, mudslinging and spin. One knows where one stands with us. I appeal to the voters who want to protest by not voting to make an act of history by collecting their voting document and voting Green. This time around, the voice of disillusioned voters can make a difference. This is far more effective than staying home and retaining the status-quo. 2,000 voters in a district can make history by electing the third party in parliament. On the ballot sheet, AD voters can also move on to their preferred candidates of choice from other political parties.

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