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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cross-party voting: Invitation to Gonzi, Muscat and Electoral Commission

As Chairperson of AD - The Green Party, I publicly invite Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Joseph Muscat and the Electoral Commission to clearly explain how one can vote. Currently some candidates are misinforming and deceiving the public, in house visits, and this should be corrected by Gonzi and Muscat. The truth is that cross-party voting is valid, and that votes to AD can be inherited by other parties.

Cross-party voting means you can vote all/any parties and candidates in the ballot list, in any sequence of preference you want.

For example, you could start with a 1 to Party X, carry on with a 2 to Party Y, return to Party X with a 3, and maybe finish off from 4 till the end on Party Z.

Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party has called upon the Electoral Commission to inform the general public about the voting procedure, including the possibility of voting for more than 1 party on the ballot sheet (cross-voting), and the way that votes are inherited whenever a candidate is eliminated or exceeds their quota.This in light of reports that the candidates of the two main political parties are misleading the general public about the voting procedure.

Permitting deception about the voting system and failing to inform the public about their voting rights is tantamount to tampering with the electoral process and risks invalidating it.

AD has contacted the OSCE Election Monitoring Mission in Malta and informed them of this serious issue.

Michael Briguglio

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