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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Briguglio's final speech: General Elections 2013

‘AD will be voice of reason in parliament’ – Briguglio
Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Michael Briguglio assures that AD in parliament will be ‘voice of reason’ while accusing PN and PL for ‘campaign bonanza’ and of rampant populism.

Nestor Laiviera
Malta Today 6/3/13

It was an impassioned Alternattiva Demokratika chairman that called on a 100-strong crowd on Wednesday evening to "write history" by voting for AD and "letting Malta join other EU countries in having more than two parties in parliament."

Speaking at an AD rally, Briguglio accused both the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party of "having lost their social conscience" noting remarks by Labour leader Joseph Muscat that he supports the third pillar pension approach, and the PN administration's reluctance to introduce the second pension pillar, as well as both their stances against increasing the minimum wage.

It was the first in a long line of points upon which Briguglio took both the PN and Labour to task for their respective shortcomings, half-hearted stands, or outright "betrayals".

On Briguglio's list were issues such as the second-class gay unions that both parties are proposing, the Armier squatters hot potatoes that Briguglio said both parties are bending over backwards to appease, and both parties' "populist" stance on drug decriminalisation.

Pointing to the recent Labour/FKNK agreement, Briguglio said that instead of advancing in terms of its green credentials, "Labour is regressing," however adding "the PN is no better."

While noting that it seemed that it is more likely that if AD is elected to parliament, it would be in opposition, Briguglio insisted that even in opposition, AD could "perform an important role" by participating in several committees, such as the Public Accounts Committee and even the Select Committee, while also proposing amendments on proposing legislation.

Briguglio also reiterated AD's claim that PL and PN exponents are misinforming voters by spreading the falsehood that cross-party voting would invalidate one's vote, and expressed his disappointment that the Electoral Commission is doing nothing to inform voters as to how the voting process works.

AD candidates Arnold Cassola, Mario Mallia, and Ralph Cassar also addressed the crowd.

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