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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

AD is the progressive choice

Now that both the Nationalist and Labour Parties have released their electoral manifestos, it is crystal clear that Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party, is the progressive choice for the 2013 general elections.

You can make history by voting AD.

You know where we stand. In parliament, AD would represent consistent, responsible and progressive politics.

1. We will continue to be the strongest defenders of what is left of Malta's environmental heritage, and we will strive towards better public spaces and better infrastructure. We are not held hostage to big business, hunters, trappers, firework fanatics, Armier squatters, and big land developers. We call for a sustainable land and water policy. We call for socially just economic and social policies, such as increase in minimum wage and disability pensions; socially just pensions; progressive fiscal policy, based on the ethical premise that who earns most contributes the most, and tax on third vacant property onwards.

2. We will continue to be the progressive party, in favour of humane social policies and equal rights for all, including minorities in family and social policy, such as persons with disability and LGBT persons; AD is for gender equality; the right for IVF without discrimination, full equality in marriage and other family rights for same-sex couples; anti-racism; decriminalization of drugs for personal use whilst helping drug victims rather than criminalizing them; and animal rights.

3. We are ready to work with another party, on the basis of an agreed joint programme and work to achieve it when in parliament. As a minor partner we will strive to develop politics by consensus and will not resort to threats to have our way at all costs, conscious that this would bring instability

4. Voting for AD is a vote for change in the style of governance and for stability. If you believe in giving priority to social justice, civil rights, environmental justice, sustainable development, ecological modernization, and, last but not least, the reform in the institutional set-ups for the enhancement of democracy, you know where you stand with the Greens. Voting for the PN and PL would mean voting for stagnant 2-party system.

You know where we stand.

Make history, Vote AD.

Michael Briguglio

Read AD's electoral manifesto at

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