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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Labels that do not fit

Michael Briguglio, Sliema

The Times, 8 February 2012

I fully agree with Cinzia Grech (February 2) on sweeping statements made against people from Sliema. Ms Grech was referring to a TV progrramme that referred to Sliema residents as unwelcoming and snobbish.

I am a proud resident of Sliema and, if anything, I notice that our locality is one of the most diverse and welcoming in Malta. If Sliema were really “unwelcoming”, it would not be one of Malta’s prime hubs of commerce, tourism and leisure.

In addition, Sliema is characterised by diversity of class and national backgrounds. If only one considers the Sliema primary school one would conclude that the “unwelcoming” and “snobbish” label does not make sense.

My son attends this most pleasant school, which is attended by children of different social and national backgrounds. The school is a prime example of how children, parents and teachers can have a sense of belonging despite their differences.

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