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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Norm Rejection reviewed by Greek zine 'Behind the Veil'

Greek webzine ‘Behind the Veil’ has reviewed Norm Rejection’s latest CD ‘Belligerent’ and recent re-issue of Norm Rejection’s albums ‘Deconform’ and ‘0002’

In the words of ‘Behind the Veil’:

NORM REJECTION, with their music, have willingly chosen to reject every form of norm and cliche and not add it to their music, thus creating something quite original that makes them easily recognisable.

Read the reviews here:

Deconform - 0002


Norm Rejection is: Wil (Vocals); Michael Briguglio (Drums); Sean Vukovic (Guitar); Rex (Bass)

Check out Norm Rejection’s latest single ‘Belligerent’ at

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