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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notice of Publication of Paper on Malta’s Welfare Model

Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you of the publication of the following co-authored peer-reviewed paper (abstract and link to paper below):

Exploring Malta’s Welfare Model

Michael Briguglio and Ian Bugeja

(Bank of Valletta Review No 43, Spring 2011)

Abstract. The paper compares the Maltese welfare state with other mainstream welfare regimes. It makes use of Esping-Andersen’s concepts of decommodification and stratification, whilst also looking at political and ideological factors. The European context in general, as analyzed by Roche, and the Southern European context in particular, as analyzed by Ferrera, are given particular attention. For this purpose, qualitative interviewing and analysis of secondary data was analysed through a sociological perspective. The paper argues that Malta has a hybrid model which does not neatly fit in one particular model of welfare. Indeed it has similarities and differences with other welfare models such as the Liberal, Social-Democratic, Continental and Southern European. However Malta must also keep in line with targets set by the European Union, which in turn are likely to influence Malta’s welfare model.

Link to the full paper:

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