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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call for Papers: Green Jobs from a small state perspective

In the light of the increasing importance of global policies in the economic, social and environmental spheres, a seminar on 'Green Jobs from a Small State perspective' will be organised by the Green European Foundation with support of the Ceratonia Foundation in Malta in October 2011. The seminar will critically examine a range of issues and questions related to the opportunities and challenges of creating Green employment, through a multi-disciplinary perspective. The focus on small states is relevant as these are presented with specific challenges in this respect, such as vulnerability, small local markets, insularity, indivisibility and diseconomies of scale.

This seminar is of interest to academics and researchers in economics, sociology, social policy, public policy, small states and to civil society representatives (employers, trade unions, NGOs, etc.). We envisage the seminar as a point of discussion for papers documenting best policies and practices in creating and promoting Green jobs.

Prospective authors are invited to send abstracts of about 250 words to:

Selected papers will be discussed in the seminar and we are looking into later publishing the best articles in a publication (on-line and possibly print version as well), by courtesy of the Green European Foundation.

Draft timetable:

August: authors submit abstracts (max 250 words long).

End September: Outline of the essays to be delivered in the conference

End October: submission of final essays (to allow additions or editing after the conference)

December: publication is ready (graphic design + print)


To document Green policy solutions and best practices in advancing Green jobs as a response to the triple environmental, financial and economic crisis.

The seminar and later the envisaged publication will highlight the ideas, policy proposals and projects that Greens and their civil society counterparts around Europe will be promoting in order to ensure that these crises are overcome in a sustainable manner, that will allow the creation of decent work and implicitly decent life styles. This will imply investments in creating jobs in new economic sectors, such as renewable energy, but at the same time investments in education and training.

Keeping in mind that the Green New Deal is more than an eco-friendly policy, but seeking to address the current economic, social and evironmental crisis, the papers should deal with the economic, social, technical, policy and ecological issues of changing economies towards a greener and more sustainable economy and of creating the green jobs related to it.

Summaries of thesis, reviews of current literature related to the topic and comparative studies with other small economies and how these compare to the Southern European situation are also welcome. Papers should be kept to about 3,000 - 6,000 words long.

Prospective article themes could for instance include:

1) Theoretical and Policy frameworks (Green jobs and the ecological modernisation of our societies, Fair Trade etc.)

2) Papers on best practices in creating Green jobs;

3) Perspectives from civil society (employers, unions, NGOs)

Project realised with support of the Ceratonia Foundation (Malta).

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