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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Parliament should introduce divorce without manoeuvring

TUESDAY 7 JUNE, 2011, 9.30am
In front of Hastings Gardens, Valletta
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On Tuesday 7 June (public holiday), we will tell members of parliament to respect the result of the referendum and to avoid any manoeuvring as regards the introduction of divorce legislation.

The issue is simple. Over 53% of voters want the introduction of divorce in Malta. Parliamentarians, who did not have the courage to take a decision on divorce and shifted the responsibility onto the people through a referendum, should stand by the result of the referendum. Any manoeuvring is simply unacceptable.

Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party will be carefully analysing the situation and will make sure that parliamentarians do not take the Maltese electorate for a ride. Civil society is invited to stand up and be counted!

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