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Monday, April 11, 2011

Norm Rejection releases ‘BELLIGERENT’ CD

‘Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz’ available on MySpace

Metal band Norm Rejection has released ‘BELLIGERENT’ consisting of 3 new songs and, for the first time ever on CD, songs from the band’s debut demo.

‘BELLIGERENT’ comprises brand new songs ‘Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz’, ‘Belligerent’ and ‘Encounter’, which are supplemented with ‘Subtly Mesmerized’, ‘Pangea’s Neglect’ and ‘Distorted Visions’ from the band’s 1994 demo ‘Subtly Mesmerized?’ which had sold out within weeks from its release.

‘Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq’ fil-pajjiz is streamed for free on the band’s websites ;

Norm Rejection is made up of Wil Pace (Vocals); Michael Briguglio (Drums); Sean Vukovic (Guitar) and Rex (Bass).

All the songs were composed by Norm Rejection (music for ‘Belligerent’ song by Sean Vukovic’) and all lyrics were written by Michael Briguglio. Production and mastering by Sean Vukovic. Sleeve design by Wil Pace.

Norm Rejection will shortly be announcing the date of the official CD launch. In the meantime, those interested in obtaining an advance copy of the CD are requested to contact Norm Rejection at

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