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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don’t let Libya burn

Michael Briguglio

Malta should speak out loud for a United Nations’ peace keeping intervention.
Malta Today Saturday, February 26, 2011

The current situation in the Arab world is truly inspirational. Those struggling for social change are making history, showing us that the future is unwritten. As a Green activist and sociologist, I cannot but express my strong admiration for those active against oppressive tyrants in the countries concerned. My hope is that these countries will be transformed into secular democracies.

In its annual general meeting held on Saturday, Alternattiva Demokratika members approved a resolution on the situation in Libya, and we shall also be presenting a similar resolution in the upcoming European Green Party congress in Budapest in a few weeks’ time.

We Greens noted that Libya is being run by a heartless dictator who is treating human lives with the utmost disrespect. Many European countries, including Malta and other members of the European Union acted in a hypocritical manner and were ultimately accomplice in the arming of the Libyan forces and legitimisation of the Gaddafi regime which is now committing genocide on their people; consequently, thousands of people are expected to flee the country, so as to seek refuge from the brutality.

We also noted that a good number of EU member states, contrary to the will of the European Parliament and the European Commission, have upheld their egoistic attitude and refused to accept the proposal of responsibility sharing of refugees from Libya and other countries with similar situations.

We resolved that we support secular democratic opposition forces in Libya, and that the Maltese Government, together with other like-minded governments should insist with the EU, if it truly believes in the principle of solidarity, for an immediate implementable plan, whereby the 27 EU member states give hospitality and share equally and in a just way amongst themselves those people fleeing from the coast of Africa towards the European Union in order to seek refugee status.

Finally, we also resolved that the Maltese Government should the United Nations to send a peace-keeping mission to Libya, with humanitarian intentions. With murderous dictator Gaddafi threatening to bring about bloodshed, we cannot sit on the fence and risk having another Rwanda or Kosovo. Unfortunately, other political parties in Malta do not share the same opinion.

Indeed, as the Gaddafi regime keeps its murderous frenzy going, the PNPL duopoly and their satellites remain on talk-strike, and the few statements they made confirm how pathetic they are. How significant, when they are usually everywhere, suffocating Maltese society! How hypocritical from the wannabe guardians of morality and the wannabe progressives!

On the other hand I express my admiration for progressive NGOs like Moviment Graffitti and Zminijietna for speaking out clearly on the Libya issue. Government Ministries, AirMalta and Virtu’ Ferries should also be praised for their efforts to help people evacuate from Libya.

Let’s not let Libya burn! Malta should speak out loud for a United Nations’ peace keeping intervention.

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