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Monday, December 27, 2010

Qui-si-Sana garden a victory for residents

Michael Briguglio, chairman, Alternattiva Demokratika – the Green party, Marsa

The Times, Monday, 27th December 2010

It is positive that the public garden in Qui-si-Sana has been redeveloped in a sustainable manner to the benefit of residents.

May I remind readers that when I was Alternattiva Demokratika’s local councillor in Sliema, I was the first to put the issue regarding the Qui-si-Sana development on the agenda of the local council.

AD’s persistent and consistent stand for the rights of residents and pedestrians was instrumental in convincing the government to drop the proposal through which the garden was going to be transformed into a car park and shopping centre.

The fact that Qui-si-Sana garden has now been redeveloped into an open public space and playing area is a victory for Sliema residents amid the overdevelopment going on nearby, namely at Midi and Fort Cambridge, as well as the proposed development at Townsquare.

As regards the fears of some that Qui-si-Sana may become another Paceville, I can only say one thing: When one promotes or votes for a political party which has a love affair with big business developers, one simply reaps what one sows. Voters in Sliema could have voted against overdevelopment.

If they want change, they must vote for it. Or, perhaps, before the next general election, another meeting with the Prime Minister will convince them otherwise.

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