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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mosquito infestation at building site in Sliema

Michael Briguglio, chairperson, Alternattiva Demokratika, – the Green party, Sliema

The Times Wednesday, 17th November 2010

A building site of Montebello Brothers in Depiro Street, Sliema is full of stagnant water and mosquitoes.

Residents are justly complaining about the situation in view of the precarious state of the unbuilt quarry in the former Galaxy. Not only is the area an eyesore and not only has part of the pavement been occupied by concrete slabs for years to the detriment of pedestrians but now the area is infested with mosquitoes due to stagnant water. Neighbouring residences are being infested with mosquitoes and there are reports of dangerous tiger mosquitoes. I have also heard reports of similar issues in Sliema and other localities concerning both building sites and hotels with unused pools.

As a former Green councillor in Sliema I endorse the pressure being made by the Sliema local council both on the developers and on the authorities about the precarious situation in the former Galaxy site. Urgent action is required to safeguard the health of residents.

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