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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Paper on youth unemployment in Malta

Dear All,

I would like to announce the publication of the following paper (in Maltese) on unemployed youth in Malta.

Brown, Maria and Briguglio, Michael (2010). ‘Milani aktar minn erbghin sena wara: Edukazzjoni, zghazagh qeghda u nuqqas ta’ xoghol f’Malta’ (‘Milani, more than forty years later: Education, unemployed youth and lack of employment in Malta’), in Carmel Borg, (ed.), Lorenzo Milani - Bejn Ilbierah u Llum (Lorenzo Milani - Between Past and Present), pp.447-470, Malta: Horizons Publications.

The paper is based on results on an empirical sociological study on perceptions of unemployed youth in Malta. The main conclusions are that the main concern of such youth is to find employment and not to rely on social benefits. The need for educational reform and the need to tackle illiteracy in Malta, within the European context of human, cultural and social capital are also highlighted.


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