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Monday, October 05, 2009

The return of Dripht?

Teodor Relic interviews Dripht in Malta Today, 4th October 2009

Having been forced to go into hiatus due to bassist Fre’s travels abroad, Dripht will now reunite for a show with punk newcomers Dolls for Idols at Remedy Bar, Paceville on October 9. But as Teodor Reljic discovers during his chat with the band, it looks like we can expect more than just a one-off gig from the Bay Award-winning (for single Mark Barnsely in 2004) genre-bending band - composed of Nick Morales on vocals, Daniel ‘il-Flambu’ on guitar, Fre on bass and Mike Briguglio on drums

Why reunite?

Nick: We don't want Dripht’s songs to fade away. We believe we have some good stuff, which is still - if not more - relevant to this day. And as they say, it’s only when you lose something that you begin to appreciate it: this is definitely the case with Mike and myself.

Fre: It’s been a bit of a dilemma for me. I mean I still enjoy playing the songs, and this is why I wouldn’t mind us getting back together and playing at a more relaxed pace. But at the same time, I think we should look to the future and not the past.

Nick: We're definitely going to be relaxed about it, but it's not going to be just a one-off gig.

Mike: I don't see the move as something we’ll do just “for old time's sake”. Dripht ended, but now we’re back together and that’s that. Now that doesn't mean we want to conquer the world, or anything like that...just that we have fun playing together.


Mike: We've had a lot of changes in our lives. Nick and Daniel had a big hit with no snow/no alps. Fre has joined Brikkuni. I have become a father; Norm Rejection [for whom Mike also drums] have reformed: both of these things are great. We have other things in our lives but Dripht is something special. There's a feeling I get when I play with Dripht that no other band can give me.

Nick: And when you’re younger you have certain ideas...I still have aims to be a full-time musician, but I'm a bit more realistic about it.

Dripht sound

Mike: Dripht is, basically, a combination of four people from very different backgrounds, with very different musical tastes. The most enjoyable part of our rehearsals actually tend to be the jamming sessions, when we just play what comes from the heart, and you hear various influences coming through: punk, blues, metal. None of us listen to the same thing so there’s a lot of diversity. All of us get made fun of by each other for listening to some band or other.

Nick: I particularly like the political side of Dripht. Partly because no snow/no alps are not so directly political. Also because I'm more pro-active now as I’m participating in a variety of NGOs. So that's something that I missed...

Fre: I agree with Mike...when we're practicing in the garage we get to do things that we can't really do with the other band we're in, which is a nice feeling.

Mike: We believe that simple is best. It's difficult to put into words, but for example, the Beatles gave a lot of space to their songs, which gave them definition. And then there's the political element which Nick mentioned: I mean, politics is in my DNA, but even if you leave the politics aside, this concept that we like to keep the songs open, to leave that space for the unpredictable. Sometimes just a simple note, bass drum, snare drum can be really effective. And if you repeat them they can be even more effective.

Nick: And as we've seen in our recent rehearsals, we've evolved as musicians, so that makes it even more fun. Plus we have a lot of new ideas. This makes things all the more interesting, and it'll probably inspire us to maybe write some new songs.

New directions

Nick: The last time we had a jamming session - like a week ago - a lot of cool stuff was coming out. Really dub as well...Mike, lately, his style has become even more dub, like he gives a lot of space...which I personally think is really cool.

Mike: For example, one of our songs, Continental Drift, has a part in the middle which we really like playing live, and it always plays differently. And during our last rehearsal, we played around with it a lot: in the end, just that bit ended up being longer than the song itself! We were essentially doing something very simple to it, but the groove felt right.

Bay Award

Nick: I think the best thing that came out of the Bay Awards is that we got an audience that we couldn't get from gigs. Even if being on the Bay Awards is probably considered to be cheesy by most underground/indie people....

Mike: Well, the thing about the Bay Awards it that we never really worked for it, to be honest. We just sent them the song and somehow, it got picked up. We didn't form Dripht to win the Bay Awards. Once we got there, we just enjoyed the drinks.

Nick: ...and we were lucky because the first Bay Award was an open bar - which hasn't happened since. I think that may have partly been our fault.

Doors open at 21:30. Entrance is at €5, €10 including both Dripht EPs: Dripht and Global Warning.

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