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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nobody should take Alternattiva for granted - AD chairman

The Times Saturday, 31st October 2009 - 11:47CET

Check out video interview here.

Michael Briguglio is the new leader of Alternattiva Demokratika.

He was elected leader this morning during the Green Party’s annual general meeting.

He was uncontested and the vote for his leadership was unanimous.

In a short address following his election, Mr Briguglio said that AD’s vision was ecological and social. It should be a positive party which looked ahead while being critical of the dark realities facing the country.

Since AD did not depend on the finances of people who remained unknown it had no fear of stepping on someone’s toes, he pointed out.

Mr Briguglio said the party was based on four sacred principles, namely social and ecological justice, civil rights, and a healthy economy.

These principles should be put in the context of an EU country and of a responsible and democratic society.

Democracy, he said, was not just a vote every five years but everyday decisions in which the people should participate.

Such decisions started from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development and went on to the family and the workplace.

Mr Briguglio said responsibility was fundamental to Green politics and sustainability was responsibility towards future generations.

Maltese politics, he said, lacked ideology and AD attempted to fill this void. Its ideas should be implemented through realistic strategies.

AD should not expect to be something it was not, it was not going to be the government in the near future but it had its strengths and a good number of people supporting it. These could determine a general election result and the party should make the most of this strength.

AD, he said, should have more horizontal structures so that all those who wanted to work within the party would find their place.

This was essential for the party’s roots to grow.

Mr Briguglio, a sociologist who lectures at the University of Malta, is AD's fourth leader since the party's inception 20 years ago and the first not to be a founding member.

His predecessors, Wenzu Mintoff, Harry Vassallo and Arnold Cassola were among the Green Party's founding members in 1989.

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