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Monday, June 08, 2009

Arnold Cassola: An honest and principled politician

Arnold Cassola announced that he will be stepping down as AD Chairperson next October, when his term expires.

For me, Arnold is a true example of an honest and principled politician, one of Malta's best, and, indeed an inspiration for the Green movement. Arnold is not only the excellent politician one sees on the TV screens, but also the person who works his heart out to have AD's administration functioning as it should, and a true friend. Above all, Arnold has always been down-to-earth, close to the people and has always welcome valuable proposals.

Last June I had written this about Arnold.


Ranier said...

It is sad that a politician of Cassola’s caliber resigned after just one year at the helm. One quality that impressed me in his leadership is his focus on positive campaigning, something which I always dreamt off, and something which unfortunately seems to have failed. I take the opportunity to thank Arnold for his service and integrity.

james debono said...

I think Arnold did the right thing. But that said he deserves respect and gratitude for his contribution to the Maltese greens. the European Greens and Malta in general. It is a pity that those who milked him during the EU referendum campaign did not even offer him a platform to express his ideas during this campaign. For except for MaltaToday no one offered AD a platform. Shame on them.