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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AD meets unions and reiterates its support

Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party officials today met a delegation of unions, including UMASA, MUT, GWU, MUMN, UHBC and UPAP.

Prof Arnold Cassola, AD Chairperson and MEP Candidate, said:'AD is reiterating its support to the unions which are speaking up for their members and for thousands of other workers and their families on the utility bills' issue. Notwithstanding the pre-electoral nominal reduction in bills in the past days, Government has not taken effective measures to remedy the situation. AD's position on this issue is that Government should commission proper scientific studies before deciding on the cost of utility bills, whereby wasteful practices, and not basic consumption should be penalized. Such studies should be wide-ranging in their analysis of consumption trends of families, households and different types of companies, rather than being merely an accounting exercise'.

'As a member of the European Greens, AD is proposing a Green New Deal in Europe, which will create millions of jobs in areas such as manufacturing, tourism, services, IT, research, alternative energy, transport, agriculture and waste management. It is estimated that 5 million Green jobs can be created within the European Union. The United Nations, Trade Unions and Employers' Associations within the EU and Malta are supporting the call for creation of Green Jobs'.

Michael Briguglio, AD Spokesperson for Social and Economic Development and Sliema Local Councillor, added:'AD is for a social and ecological Europe and Malta and Gozo. Hence we are insisting that the European Parliament pushes for better job opportunities and work conditions, such that social protection, ecological sustainability and economic growth can take place concurrently'.

'Together with the European Greens, we are campaigning against insecure job contracts, precarious work and exploitation which are affecting various categories of workers, including young, ageing, female workers and workers with family responsibilities. We are also for policies which encourage more female participation in employment. Unlike the position taken by the Government, which is opposing an increase in maternity leave, the Greens are for social policies which promote the work-life balance, where men and women actively participate in both employment as well as in family life and caring roles'.

'AD congratulates the 12 trade unions which on the 29th of April, formed the '"Ghaqda Unions Maltin" (GhUM)', concluded Michael Briguglio.

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