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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Utility Bills and the Green New Deal

The Times, Tuesday, 10th March 2009 (Note: this letter appeared in the Times with a different title)

Michael Briguglio, Spokesman for Social and Economic Development, Alternattiva Demokratika - the Green party, Sliema

The utilty bills issue keeps dragging, and is causing much uncertainty. The historic alliance made up of 11 trade unions on the utility bills issue should not be dismissed by the government, especially when such unions are speaking up for workers and families who are facing increased difficulties due to the utility bills increases.

As a Green Party, Alternattiva Demokratika believes that the government should commission proper scientific studies before deciding on the cost of utility bills, whereby wasteful practices and not basic consumption should be penalised. Such studies should include economic, social and ecological factors, whilst being wide-ranging in their analysis of consumption trends of families, households and different types of companies. This goes beyond basic accounting exercises.

On the other hand, AD agrees that the government takes necessary action for the removal of the inefficient Marsa power station and for viable energy alternatives such as the pipeline with mainland Europe and alternative energy sources. As regards the latter, it is pertinent to note that the European Greens are proposing a "Green New Deal" which can create employment while proving cleaner energy. This is surely an opportunity not to be missed for our country.

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