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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Norm Rejection re-issue 'Deconform' and '0002' in double album package

Metal band Norm Rejection has re-issued its acclaimed and sold-out albums 'Deconform' and '0002' in a single package under the Reciprocal Records label.

'Deconform' was originally released in 1998 and includes 8 songs, including '6479', 'Strawburied' and 'Caged'. The latter track had been included in CD compilation of top French metal magazine 'Hard Force', where the song appeared alongside songs by Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Skinlab and others. Tracklisting of 'Deconform': Deconform: Scrap; 6479; Caged; Strawburied; Where's The Green; Urged; Cement; Heresy.

'0002' was originally released in 2000 and includes 9 songs, including 'Malta Not For Sale', 'Faceless' and 'Straitjacket'. 'The Death of the Subject' had been included in CD compilation "Helping you work to work Volume 6" by Lockjaw Records (UK), sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine; whilst 'Facless' was included in "Justice for Mark Barnlsey", the international benefit CD for British political prisoner Mark Barnsley. Tracklisting of '0002': Blaster; Faceless; Malta Not For Sale; Straitjacket; The Death of the Subject; Submission; McVeigh; What You Get For Doing It; Narcoman.

The double-album package is selling for Euro 7.50 and can be obtained from Norm Rejection through

In the meantime, Norm Rejection has entered the studio with 3 new songs namely 'Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz', 'Encounter' and an as-yet number!

Norm Rejection has also recently released online EP 'Malta Not For Sale' with British label 'Death to Music Productions'. Vocalist Wil also features in the song '2 State Revolution' in the latest CD of British band 'Bombs of Enduring Freedom', 'Kalashnikovs and Car Bombs'

Norm Rejection’s next live appearance is at Remedy Rock Bar on Saturday 7th February with progressive metal band 26 Other Worlds.

Norm Rejection is Wil (Vocals), Michael Briguglio (Drums), Sean Vukovic (Guitar), Rex (Bass).

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