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Sunday, July 13, 2008

AD's spokespersons

I'm active once again as a spokesperson of Alternattiva Demokratika in addition to my role as Sliema Local Councillor. My role is that of Spokesperson for Social and Economic Development.

AD shall be participating in the public sphere by being active in civil society, the media and in local, national and European debates. We shall focus on a wide range of economic, social and ecological matters, which are of interest to Maltese society and in this process AD is ready and willing to hear and meet all those organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to our policy-making.

Alternattiva Demokratika shall be forward looking and shall aim to be constructive in its approach. We are therefore ready to work with all political actors, including the Government and the opposition, civil society organisations, and interested persons.

The following are the spokespersons of Alternattiva Demokratika, appointed by the party's Executive:

Spokesperson for Education: Mario Mallia
Spokesperson for Sustainable Development & Local Government: Carmel Cacopardo
Spokesperson for Industry, Energy & Transport: Ralph Cassar
Spokesperson for Social Protection & Health: Mary Anne Zammit
Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs: Mark Scerri
Spokesperson for Democratic Institutions and Civil Rights: Stephen Cachia
Spokesperson for Sports: Christian Holland
Spokesperson for Agriculture and Animal Welfare: Simon Galea
Spokesperson for Gozo: Victor Galea
Spokesperson for Communications and IT: Henrik Piski
Spokesperson for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Issues: Dr. Patrick Attard
Spokesperson for Social and Economic Development: Michael Briguglio
Spokesperson for Economic and EU Affairs: Prof. Arnold Cassola
Spokesperson for Youth: Deborah Zahra


R Bonnici said...

Well done Mr. Briguglio! I was very saddened with how your relationship with AD had deteriorated recently, and had expressed these concerns with the Election Report commission. With your contribution, both AD and ultimately Malta stand to gain. Good luck! I hope to see other valid people who left in the past get back to the party

Michael Briguglio said...

R Bonnici, thanks for your comment! I appreciate.